Computer Restarts every 15 seconds – How to fix it?

Does your computer restart abruptly or it restarts automatically without any warning? The various reasons that can cause the automatic restart of your computer are hereby discussed. The frequent restarting of computer can cause a lot of problems. While doing an important work the computer suddenly restarts, there are high possibilities of losing all the valuable data or even have to start the work from the beginning. The possible causes for frequent restarting of computer along with the possible measures to fix this issue is discussed below.

computer restarts on its own

Before taking any major step to solve it, begin with the basic step. Try to turn off Automatic Restart on your computer. To turn off the automatic restart, click Start -> right click on My Computer -> Choose Properties ->  Click the Advanced tab, under Startup & Recovery option click Setting, under System failure uncheck Automatically Restart and then click OK.

computer automatically restarts

Even after trying the above method if the problem still persists, then the problem may be related to some hardware. The other reasons that can cause computer to restart frequently are given below.

  1. Due to overheating.
  2. Due to faulty RAM.
  3. Due to faulty Hard-disk.
  4. Due to overheating up of hard-disk.
  5. Computer restarts on attaching some external USB device.
  6. Computer restarts due to other hardware problem
  7. Some software can cause operating system crash and frequent restart.
  8. Due to Computer virus.      

Computer restarts due to overheating

Over-heating can cause the computer to restart frequently. Over-heating occurs due to failure of the processor fan or due to the dust accumulation on it. Try dusting out the computer with the help of an air compressed can.

Computer restarts due to faulty RAM

Failure of RAM causes computer to restart abruptly. Even upon installation of some in-compatible RAM or more than one RAM modules of different frequency or type can cause this problem. Install RAM that is compatible with your computer to fix the issue.

Computer restarts due to faulty Hard-disk

Any failing hardware component in your computer could cause your computer to unexpectedly generate an error or reboot without warning. Faulty hard disk is one of the most common reasons for abrupt computer restart. Run a hard disk scan to fix this issue. If there are bad-sectors on your hard-disk, it’s the time to get it replaced.

Computer restarts due to overheating up of hard-disk

Improper ventilation around your computer can cause the hard disk to reach temperatures where it starts to malfunction and computer restarts in some of these cases. To avoid this, keep the computer at a ventilated place. Installation of some cabinet fans can solve this problem to a great extent.

Computer restarts on attaching some external USB device

If you have attached any external USB device to your computer then remove it and see whether your computer restart problem persists or not. Sometimes a failed external device can cause computer to restart abruptly. Remove the entire external device and try connecting it one by one to find the faulty ones.

Computer restarts due to other hardware problem

Computer restart problem can be caused due to any faulty component; it may be the faulty motherboard or corrupted BIOS. The fix for this problem is to consult a hardware expert to repair the faulty hardware component.

Software causing operating system crash causes computer restart

Sometimes software can also be the culprit behind the computer restart. If you have recently installed any new software or any application or game, and computer has started to restart when using that application or game, then you need to un-install the software to fix the issue.

Computer restarts due to virus

Computer viruses such as the blaster virus are written to reboot your computer without warning. Usually these viruses will make the computer reboot ever 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes after the computer has booted. If your system is infected by such malware then scan your system with the Anti-virus program. Make sure that anti-virus are always up to date.

Upon fixing the issue you can work with your computer without any hindrance. On following the above mentioned procedures you can resolve the computer restart problem and ensure better functioning of the computer.


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