Computer Stays in Sleep Mode – How to fix it?

Does your computer or laptop stays in sleep mode and does not leave it? The problem may be with power settings. Sleep mode is a power-saving function where a computer shuts down and save certain key functions until the user is ready to use the computer again. The work can be resumed quickly without waiting for the computer to completely restart. Generally there are two types of sleep modes -  an ordinary mode in which the current state of the computer is kept operational, and a deeper hibernation in which current settings are saved to the hard drive. Follow the tutorial to diagnose the issue and resolve it.

computer stays in sleep mode

To resolve the issue follow the instructions given below.

Use of Power Button

Sometimes when the computer is in the hibernation mode, it fails to intellect external movement, not even detects the movement of mouse. To wake the computer from the sleep mode the only fix is to press the power button and restart the computer.

Power Settings

The power settings in the computer are intended to carry out certain actions, including powering down and going into sleep mode. When there is a low battery power (as in case of laptop), the computer automatically go into the sleep mode. But if the settings are changed it is possible that the computer will only exit sleep mode when connected to a power adapter. Users can change power settings themselves to more appropriate levels, if necessary.

BIOS Settings

Computer can be woken up by going into the basic input/output system (BIOS) setting. The BIOS mode shows the last actions that triggered the computer to go into sleep mode. Even keyboard and mouse movement fail to wake up the system from the sleep mode as they may not have been listed in the BIOS setting. You can add or remove devices from the BIOS system and can use the devices to wake up the system.

bios settings

Operating System Problems

Frequently going into sleep mode can be caused by due to OS like Vista. This OS has been known to develop several errors associated with the ability of the computer to wake up once it has gone into sleep mode. If the user has Vista, it is possible an internal error, possibly connected with the USB ports, has caused the computer to remain in sleep mode. Users can fix these malfunctions by downloading “hotfixes” from Microsoft’s website.

Video Card or Screen Problems

Upon application of all the above methods if the computer or the monitor still refuses to wake up from sleep mode, then the problem could be with the video card or the screen itself. In this case, the computer is resuming activity, but the monitor cannot show it, so it looks like it is still asleep. The user should make sure the monitor is working properly and make sure the video card is not malfunctioning.

Alternatively, you can Turn off sleep mode entirely by accessing the computer’s properties. In Windows XP, right click on your desktop screen and select “Properties.” Select the “Screen Saver” tab and then select “Power.” Click “Never” next to all the “System Standby” options and then click “Apply.” In Vista, access the Control Panel through the Start Menu and click “System and Maintenance” and then “Power Options.” Click on “Change Plan Settings” and then turn off all the sleep option settings.

On following the above-discussed methods you will be able to resolve the sleeping issue on your computer or laptop.


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