Common Dynamic link library (DLL) Errors in Computer

Dynamic link library (DLL) errors are caused due to corrupted library files and can create serious issues on your computer causing your computer malfunction and decrease in its performance. The most common DLL errors on computer are hereby discussed in the tutorial.

common dll errors


DLL errors related to the oleaut32.dll file are generally caused by installation of an incorrect version of this particular DLL file on the OS. This error is triggered when you try to run a Microsoft Office product. But, some programs may generally run better than others. Oleaut32.dll error appears mostly when you are running Microsoft Excel.


DLL errors pop out from the hlink.dll library are generally found while viewing a PowerPoint presentation on Microsoft Windows. The culprit behind this error may be a corrupted file, or outdated file version. To be updated and keep your files or hlink.dll file updated you can download the latest Windows security package, or by simply running the installation package that comes with Internet Explorer. But make sure to remove the old hlink.dll file first.


The wab.dll error is usually accompanied by prompting message stating the file is missing. This error is generally caused due to a corrupt version of the existing file or deletion of file. To resolve WAB.DLL errors, you need to rename the old wab.dll file and then re-install Outlook Express. The re-installation will write a fresh working version of the wab.dll to your system.


The error is generally accompanied with the older versions of Outlook Express. DLL error will prompt a message stating that the required component omint.dll is missing. These errors can be either caused by the corrupted registry entries.


The gwmspi.dll error arises due to conflict between two applications. Those conflicts may be in between applications like Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Novell. To fix the error you need to create two separate messaging profiles and uninstall one of the two applications and then install them from scratch as an additional method for fixing the error.


while accessing the Microsoft Outlook, you encounter an access violation error related to the riched20.dll file. This indicates that the file has been corrupted and to fix the error you need to repair Microsoft Outlook. But, before running the repair function, rename the riched20.dll file so as not to compromise the effectiveness of the repair.


DLL errors accompanied with msvcp60.dll file are irritating and are hard to repair and usually require the complete re-installation of the Microsoft operating system. The error appears while accessing the Clip Gallery 5.0 in particular.


Many users mislead that the WMP.exe errors are associated with Windows Media Player itself, but it’s not true. The problem arises from the DLL library associated with the WMP program. To resolve the issue you need to re-register WMP.DLL .


This error is quite common with Windows Media Player versions 9 and 10 due to the unregistered DLL file. To fix the error you need to re-register the DLL file as they might have corrupted or deleted.


Due to outdated Microsoft Office product, you get an msi.dll error while installing the program. To get this error fixed, go to the Microsoft’s official website and upgrade your Installer to the latest version.

There are various other DLL errors which will be discussed further in other posts.


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