Add Safely Remove Hardware Option to the Desktop Context Menu

You must be aware of the Safely Removing Hardware wizard to remove an external hardware device from the computer. The wizard is the only way to ensure that the device in question have not been used by the computer and can be safely removed. If the hardware device is removed all of a sudden without using the Safely Removing Hardware wizard, then it may give rise to different errors on the computer along with the risk of losing the data stored on it and even corrupt the files. The wizard can be initiated by clicking on the USB-looking icon on the system tray. But, for some reason windows don’t show up the USB icon on the system tray in that case you can try adding the Safely Removing Hardware option to desktop context menu. Follow the tutorial to know how you can add Safely Removing Hardware to context menu.

add safely remove to desktop context menu

We no longer have to look for the USB removal wizard icon on the system tray by simply adding the safely removing hardware wizard to the desktop context menu and can remove hardware easily by simple right click on the desktop.

Follow the steps given below to add safely remove hardware option to desktop context menu.

  • Go to start menu and type in regedit into the search box to open the windows registry editor
  • When the registry is open, navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\

windows registry add safely remove drive

  • Right click on the shell key and create a new > key called Safely Remove Hardware
  • When the new key is created within the Safely Remove Hardware, create a String Value called Icon via a right-click
  • Double click on the icon string, in the Value data field type hotplug.dll,-100

safely remove hardware

  • Now right click on the newly created Safely Remove Hardware key and create another key called command

safely remove hardware commnad

  • Once the new key has been created open it and you would find a value called Default under it, double click on it to edit it, in the Value data field type C:\\Windows\\System32\\control.exe hotplug.dll

Upon completion of the above steps, get back to your Windows Desktop and right-click on the desktop you would find a new option in the context menu named Safely Remove Hardware which on selecting will initiate the Safely Remove Hardware Wizard and remove the USB drive safely without migrating to the system tray icon.

The procedure described above will allow you to remove any hardware or USB drive connected to your system safely from the context menu rather than initiating the wizard from the system tray.


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