Customize Explorer Context Menu with Create Folder List

The explorer context menu in Windows are limited to certain options. Sometimes we feel like having more options to access certain folders or directories easily and quickly. It will save much of your time. Here is the tutorial to customize your Windows Explorer context menu with create folder list, copy file or folder name and copy file folder path.

add create folder list option context menu

Create Folder list option in Context menu

To add create folder list to Context menu in Windows explorer, firstly we need to create a .bat file, which will generate the listing. To create a .bat file, open Notepad and write the following commands inside it or just copy it from here and paste it on the notepad.

@echo off
dir %1 /b /-p /o:gen > foldercontent.txt
start notepad foldercontent.txt

Now, save the file with a name FolderList.bat to your desktop. The next step is to move this file to C:\Windows folder. The Windows may not allow you to directly save the file in the Directory, so first save the batch file to desktop and then move it.

dir %1 /b /-p /o:gen > foldercontent.txt is the code that is responsible to create the file listing and saving the list in a text document- foldercontent.txt at the folder root location. Now, you can change the file name. All the file/folder names are contained in the created list. To get more information like file size, file created date, etc. then the only thing you need to do is to remove the /b switch from the code.

To start foldercontent.txt, start notepad foldercontent.txt will initiate the BAT script.

Now we will add a new context menu item. Open a new Notepad and and write the following commands inside it or just copy it from here and paste it on the notepad.


[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell\Directory List]
@=”Create Folder List”

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Directory List\command]
@=”FolderList.bat \”%1\”"
Now, save the .reg file with a name Install_Folder_List.reg to your desktop. You can rename this file.
@=”Create Folder List” symbolizes the name that will be appearing on your explorer context menu. You are free to change this to any name of your choice.
@=”FolderList.bat \”%1\”" indicates the name of the BAT file that was saved in the Windows directory in the previous step.

Now, double-click on the .reg file and upon prompting of any message agree to them to make changes in the Windows Registry. Now right click on any folder and see the new option in the context menu.

The instructions described above will customize the context menu by adding new options like create folder list in the context menu of Windows Explorer.


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