Stratiform Add-on to Customize Firefox Browser

Are you bored looking at the same Firefox themes and functionality? Here is the tutorial how you can customize your Firefox to have new look. Many users out there are quite a fond of Mozilla Firefox and it is one of the most popularly used browsers worldwide. There are various add-ons available online to customize browsers. Follow the tutorial to know how you can customize Firefox using Stratiform Add-on.

Stratiform Add-on Customize Firefox BrowserCustomizing simply adds a refreshing look to your Firefox browser. There are many users out there who are fond of customizing tweaks. So, here is how you can bring a new interface in Firefox.

Add-on called Stratiform customizes Firefox browser. This customizing add-on enables you to modify your favorite Firefox settings within clicks. This Add-on provides a simple easy to use Interface that can be easily used by any average users.


If you are aware of the Windows 8 interface for settings and preference, the new look for Firefox is exactly the same. Windows 8 has grabbed a lot of user’s attention. Stratiform add-on uses the Modern Windows 8 settings and preferences for Firefox browser. Although it doesn’t provide a metro look to the screen, but still boasts a very appealing interface.
This add-on is compatible with all Firefox family browsers. The Add-on here has mostly concentrated upon text customizations. It provides an option to select any preset styles to customize the text.

stratiform styles

This utility add-on is extremely useful and handy for novice including normal users too. This works without breaking the integrity or seal of the browser for customizing Firefox. You can access both backward and forward buttons as well.

Additionally, this add-on also serves you to do the core tweaking of browser. If you so to Settings button, here you can customize any third-party add-on icons, flip bookmark star position or make Firefox to always show the forward button and many more. It also allows you to assign any preferred size of minimize window, change the Firefox text, etc.

Key Features Points:

Stratiform is the preferred Add-ons among all the customizing Add-ons available in Internet.

It gives fresh look and feel to Firefox

Allows you to change the colors for tab, address bars etc.

stratiform colors

Set your preferred width and height to the minimize window

Although it has many advantages, but also accompanies drawbacks too, like, it doesn’t support multi-languages.

If you are fond of customizing your Firefox Browser, then you can use Stratiform and enjoy the new refreshed look of Firefox browser.


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