Steps to Manage IE 10 Address Bar Drop-down lists

You might have noticed that your browser address bar displays all your visited sites on the web. Internet Explorer displays sites that are visited, that may be your favorite sites, feeds and many more. But, some users feel like it is kind of mess to the browser address bar. It seems like so many items make the address bar cluttered. Here is the tutorial how you can manage which items to be displayed in the address bar drop-down lists.

Manage ie 10 address bar drop down list

So many items in the address bar can make the address bar look cluttered. If you dislike this feature of Internet Explorer and wish to select manually regarding which items are to be displayed in the address bar drop-down lists, then follow the steps described below.

manage ie drop down list

Steps to Manage Address bar drop-down lists

  • First, open Internet Explorer 10 and open Internet Options
  • Next, In the Internet options window, click on the Content tab
  • Under AutoComplete button, click on Settings

ie options autocomplete

  • In AutoComplete settings you can select or manage what all items you want to be display in the address bar drop-down lists, like that of

Use Windows Search for better results
Suggesting URLs.


  • Simply, click to check the option or the items you want to be displayed and uncheck the one’s that you don’t want to be displayed
  • Finally click Apply and then hit OK.

Next time when you use the Internet Explorer, you can see the address bar auto-complete drop-down list more manageable that is it would only be showing the items you wanted to be displayed.

You can also delete the Auto Complete history from here and even Manage Passwords. Internet Explorer allows you to manage passwords in a more secured manner.

If you are a Internet Explorer user and want to manage the address bar auto-complete drop-down lists, then you can follow all the steps described above in this tutorial.


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