Setting Internet Explorer 10 to Start with Last Browsing Session or Home Page

Often you might have noticed that Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) starts or opens with either the last Browsing Session or the Home Page. Many users have mentioned that continuous Browsing sets IE10 to always reopen the tabs or say the website pages from the last browsing session. This might be useful if you want them the next time you open the browser, but at times it might risk your privacy if someone else opens the browser. Here is the tutorial how you can set IE 10 to either start with last Browsing Session or Home Page.ie10 start session home

Starting IE 10 with the last browsing session is quite helpful in case you lose track of what webpage you were working on. But at the same can put your privacy in risk when you are not the person to log in the Browser.
So, follow the steps below to set your Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) to always start with tabs from the last browsing session or your preferred home page.

Steps to Set IE10 to Start with Last Session or Home Page

  • Open Internet Explorer 10 and hit the gear icon and select Internet Options. You can also do the same using the Control Panel (icons view)

IE Always Open Last Browsing Session

  • In the Internet Option window, click on the General tab

IE 10 Always Open Last Browsing Session

  • Under start up, check the box that says Start with tabs from the last session
    Or to Start IE10 with Home Page, right under Startup, check the box besides Start with home page
  • Finally click Apply followed by OK.

However, this procedure is applicable to the IE10 desktop version in Windows 8 not in the IE10 modern UI (Metro) version.

So, now whenever you wish to start your next browsing session with the same webpages as now or the current ones, then follow the steps described in the tutorial above, to either start IE 10 with previous session or with set Home Page.


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