Set Metro UI in Mozilla Browser

As already discussed about customizing your Web browser with the new Windows 8 talked about metro screen, here is another tutorial about how you can customize Mozilla Firefox. Since the advent of Windows 8, metro start screen has caught a lot of attention, even though you are not a Windows 8 user you can have the metro start screen in your Mozilla web browser. Follow the tutorial how you can customize Mozilla Firefox with live tiles.Set Metro UI in Mozilla Browser
As discussed earlier, about customizing Google Chrome with Windows 8 live tile now you can customize Mozilla Firefox with Windows 8 start screen. You can access different websites from the tiles itself with a simple click on it. Nowadays, many users are getting interested with the Metro Start screen, which has made many App developers to develop Apps that have Metro UI. You might have seen many third party software’s are being developed these days keeping the Metro UI in mind.

Set the Windows 8 Metro UI Start screen in Firefox

To set Mozilla with live tiles you need to download the zip pack from this link and extract the contents to a New Folder on your system desktop. Now, open the index.htm file present in the new folder with Firefox browser.

In the Firefox browser, navigate to Tools and then Options

Under General tab, click on Use Current Pages and set the newly opened index.htm as your Firefox home page.

option mozilla

Once you have set Windows 8 Start screen as your start page Firefox, you can access YouTube, Grooveshark,, Yahoo, twitter, facebook, BBC News, CNN, and Google search with a click by default. You can also further customize the start page by editing source.xml file.

The zip pack contains a detailed readme file, which will help you to install and customize the new home page in your Mozilla Firefox without having Windows 8 OS.


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