Save to Drive Extension to save any Web Content directly to Google Drive

Many users out there upon coming across any image or files or any web content that they want to save in the Google Drives, first save the content to desktop and then upload to drives. You can now save any image, files or webpage directly to Google Drive storage with a simple click. Google has developed a new extension for Chrome browser called Save to Drive. This chrome extension allows you to save any web content directly to Google Drive storage. Follow the tutorial here to know how you can use the Chrome extension to save web content directly to drives.

Save to Drive Extension to save any Web Content directly to Google Drive

When you find any web content that can be any file or a webpage that you want to save to your Google Drive, upon installing the extension you can simply right-click on it and select “Save to Google Driveā€ and it will be sent to your Google storage right away. The web contents that can be used to sent to Drives using Save to Drive are images, webpage or hyperlinks that lead directly to files, such as PDF files on search results.

save to gdrive

But, this extension fails to send a folder where you want to save the files in your Google Drive. So you need to sort out the files later on.

In order to save images and links, right-click on it and select Save to Google Drive. To save webpage you need to hit the Google Drive icon that gets added to the toolbar after installing the extension. Images and other files get saved in their original formats, whereas the webpages are saved as a screenshot image and this by default. You can change this, to do so, right-click on the Google Drive icon in the toolbar and then select Properties.

Under properties window you are allowed to change how you want WebPages to be saved with the formats like save the entire page as PNG, only the visible part as PNG, as HTML, or as web archive MHT or as a Google document.

save to google drive

When the webpage or image is saved, a dialog box appears which displays the progress of the files that are being saved and also links to open the saved file from Google Drive. It also provides option to delete or rename the files that are being saved.


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