How to Remove Babylon Search Engine from your Browser?

Babylon search engine is a type advertisement software (or Adware). The page gets enabled by default, mostly while installing or downloading some other program without even asking for the permission of the user. If you have made Babylon search engine as your default home page and want to remove it from your toolbar and search engine of any of your browser, then you need to follow the steps illustrated below.

remove babylon browser

Follow the steps to remove the Babylon search engine page from your browser:


How To Remove Babylon Toolbar while Launching Firefox?

While installing Firefox for the first time you should properly go through the message that appears in every step of installation. When you launch Firefox the first time after installing Babylon Toolbar, you will be prompted a software installation window. Simply click the Cancel button. If you have accidentally clicked on the Install button, to remove it, press CTRL+SHIFT+A in Firefox, go to Extensions and then click the Remove button for Babylon. The Babylon Toolbar also automatically modifies the default Home Page for Firefox and also setting “Search the web (Babylon)” as the default search engine.

How To Remove Babylon Search Home page on Firefox?

  • Open Firefox, click on the Tools option on the top of the window.
  • Go to Options and select it.
  • At the General tab, click the Restore to Default button and click OK.

firefox tools

By doing this it will remove the Babylon Search Home page from your Firefox browser.

How To Remove Babylon default search engine on Firefox?

  • In the Firefox search box, click the drop down arrow at the Babylon icon and select Manage Search Engines.
  • Select Search the web (Babylon) and then click the Remove button. This will remove Babylon default search engine.

manage search engine

How to Remove Babylon default search engine from Firefox Address bar?

  • In the Firebox address bar type about:config and hit enter. Click the declaration box.
  • Type Babylon into the search box and you will be presented with a screen full on entries.
  • In the filter at the top, type keyword.URL or keyword and double click it and remove or reset whatever is in there and replace it with the page you want to have as your search engine.

config keyword




How To Remove Babylon Toolbar on Chrome?

Many of times Babylon Toolbar fails to install any extension in Chrome. But, sometimes it manages to modify the default Home page to Babylon Search and also the search engine.

How to Remove Babylon Search Homepage on Chrome?

  • Open Google Chrome window, click on the wrench icon at the top right of the window and select Settings.

chrome setting

  • At the Settings window look for “On Start-up” option. Make sure “Open a specific page…” is selected and click Set Pages.
  • In the window that pops up, click on the X on the Babylon Search line. If there are no other entries in here, simply enter your chosen start page into the box and click OK.

By doing this you can remove Babylon search Homepage and by managing the search engine you can remove remove Babylon default search engine on Chrome.



How To Remove Babylon Toolbar in Internet Explorer 9?

On running Internet Explorer 9 after installation of the Babylon Toolbar, at the bottom of the web browser shows a bar saying “Several add-ons are ready for use” simply click the Don’t enable button, it will disable the Babylon Toolbar by default.

If you have accidentally enabled the Babylon Toolbar, you can easily uninstall it by going to the “Start” then to Control Panel and click on Programs and Features and uninstall Babylon toolbar on IE.

How To Remove Babylon Search Home page on IE9?

  • Select Internet Options by pressing Alt+X in Internet Explorer or go to Tools on the top right corner of the window and select Internet options.
  • Click on the General tab at Home page of Internet option, click the Use default button Or the Use blank button and click the OK button.

ie tools

How To Remove Babylon default search engine on IE9?

  • In Internet Explorer, open Manage add-ons by selecting Tools option in the top right corner o0f the window.
  • Click Search Providers on the left and in the window select Amazon or any other search provider of your choice and click the Set as default button.
  • To remove Babylon default search engine, select “Search the web (Babylon)” and click the Remove button to delete Babylon Search completely from the IE9 Search Providers.

manage add on ie

 Generally, Babylon search engine doesn’t cause any harm to the Browser nor does it slows down the speed of browsing. The methods discussed above also work on resetting other adwares or toolbars that overwrites your default Home page and also search providers. You can also give automated adware cleaning tool such as AdwCleaner and Toolbar Cleaner a try if the above method doesn’t work for you. As you can see that many computer users are disgusted with these adware because they don’t provide a complete uninstallation when the user decides to uninstall it.

Having a genuine Adware is not at all harmful. However, you can follow the above methods to remove the Babylon search Engine.


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