Removal of Unwanted Toolbars from IE, Chrome, Firefox & Opera Browser

Many users out there must have find out changes in the browser upon installing any kind software, like the search gets replaced by other toolbars or search. Unnecessary toolbars gets installed with or without your concern. While installing any kind of software, you should carefully go through instructions and then hit on Next and often forget to uncheck the pre-checked box, where you may be asked whether you want a free toolbar on your computer, ultimately leading to an unnecessary toolbar on your system. Here is the tutorial how you can uninstall unwanted toolbars from your Browser.

remove toolbars IE chrome firefox opera

You may not even know and end up with having a useless toolbar installed on your browser like Ask, Babylon, AVG, Yahoo, Google, Bing toolbar. Some toolbars are often useful, but there are other toolbars who simply create nuisance. They change the search engine or the homepage. You often get to see pop-ups on the screen all because of these toolbars.

Some toolbars may be malicious, so beware. Here are some ways to remove or uninstall the useless toolbars.
Steps to Remove or Uninstall Yahoo, Google, Bing toolbar

Toolbars associated with reputed company like the Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar or the Bing toolbar are easy to uninstall completely right from the system Control Panel. To do so, Open Control Pane, go to Programs and Features applet, look for any toolbars there in the list and double-click to uninstall it.

uninstall toolbar control panelIf the toolbars is not listed, you may check your browsers settings panel and uninstall them.

For Internet Explorer Browser

If you are using IE then you can manage, remove or disable addons, toolbars, extensions, etc through Manage Addons.

ie addons manager

For Google Chrome

Go to Google Chrome address bar and select Tools > Extensions. Or simply type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter.

For Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox browser, just click on Add-ons. This is where you can remove or disable Extensions and Toolbars.

firefox addons

Opera Browser

In Opera browser, go to Tools > Extensions > Manage Extensions. From here select the one you want to get rid of or uninstall or Disable.

opera extensions

After removing the unwanted toolbars make sure to restart your browser to effect the changes.

Upon following the procedures described here you can easily uninstall or remove unnecessary toolbars from the browsers.


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