Playing Audio & Video’s using Firefox Browser

How do you play Audio or videos on your PC? Almost all users use third party utility installed on the system to play videos or audios. But what if I say that you can play audio or video on Browsers? Yes, it is possible you can now play videos or audio using Browsers. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can play music using Firefox Browser.

Play Videos Audios Firefox

The tutorial here is all about how you can play audio/video songs using browsers. In other words say, you can play videos without installing any extra software. However, you can now find various video/ audio players available in Internet. If you don’t have any video players installed on your PC then without even installing any third party video software you can play them well.

Firefox is a well known and popular browser round the world. Here is how you can make use of Firefox browser to play audio/video on any PC.

Follow the steps below to play videos or audio on any PC using Firefox browser.

How to play Audio or Videos using Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox firstly, if you don’t have then install one from
  • With the browser open, hold down Ctrl+O. This will bring up the open dialogue box. OR you can click on file menu in the firefox browser and select Open file to play songs

play video audio firefox

  • Now, to play song on browser, select any audio/video of your choice and hit the open button and select file type to “all files” to play video or audio of any format.

That’s all. You can see the selected audio/video song played in your browser. You can browse your favourite websites along with listening to your selected sons played using the browser.

Although this is interesting but still has some flaws like you cannot create any playlist in the browser and play only one song at a time neither you are allowed to forward or backward the songs played. But this is possible using third party video or audio software.

So, if you find a PC with no Audio or Video player installed, no worries you can play video or audio using the Firefox browser. This trick can be used even if you are not connected to internet connection.

Hope the trick described here solve your issues with no video or audio player installed on PC but still you can play them.


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