Open New Tab in Google Chrome with Metro Interface

Are you the one among those who are fond of customizing their computer or the browser? Here is an excellent app that will help you to customize the new tab in your chrome browser. You must be aware of the new metro start screen of Windows 8. The traditional start menu is replaced by the tile version in the metro interface. If you don’t have Windows 8 OS you can now easily create a customized metro interface on your chrome browser. Follow the tutorial to customize the new tab.

metro interface chrome

Metro UI style in the new tab of Google Chrome can be created with the help of an extension or app named MySites. It is a browser extension developed by Google, which will allow you to personalize the Metro UI style to the New Tab in Chrome. It will display the most visited websites or bookmarks in the form of live tile style.

MySites will customize the Chrome extension and allow you to access your favorite websites in a trendy and useful mode as the New Tab in Chrome organizes the most visited sites and bookmarks with classy colors. The live tiles are created with different sizes strictly according to the number of visits for each website.

metro in chrome

But before downloading MySites, you should know that the Chrome extension comes with its own search engine that allows you to search on the internet from the New Tab window. Download the MySites from the Chrome Web store.

From the very beginning the New Tab window will give you access to the Most Used, Favorites and Apps categories like the default one, with the exception that they are now arranged in tiles and have the Metro UI visuals. Using the numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can browse through the websites that you have bookmarked or visited.


The tiles in the New Tab of chrome can be arranged in the same way as you can arrange the live tiles on the metro start screen in Windows 8. Along with these the size of the tiles keep on changing basing on the number of times you have accessed the website. The large sized tiles indicate the most visited ones while the smaller ones show the ones that are less or often accessed.

So if you want to experience the metro interface, then you can download MySites and have the Metro UI visuals in the New Tab window.


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