Experience Live RSS feeds with Foxish RSS Chrome Extension

Many Internet users out there might not be aware of RSS readers or are not fond of using it. RSS readers are something which marks your favorite sites and shows you all the recent articles added to your favorite sites. There may be sites which you visit regularly. With RSS readers you will get to know what all is happening in your favorite sites. It is quite similar to the bookmarks in the browser. If you are a RSS user or if you are wishing to use it in near future then here in this tutorial you will get to know about Foxish RSS that allows you to access your most visited sites on Internet.

add foxish rss chrome extension

The bookmarks don’t keep on updating but the Foxish RSS readers are updated. Foxish RSS adds the feed to your Bookmark bar in your Chrome Browser. It combines with the other bookmarks in the browser, but it gets updated with articles that site.

When you wish to see what’s new added to your favorite sites, then you can directly access the feeds right from your Bookmark bar. You can get all the latest new on your favorite sites at your fingertips.

How to Use Foxish RSS Chrome Extension

Firstly, you need to install or add Foxish RSS from Chrome Web Store

add foxish rss

When you visit a site, this extension detects a RSS feed and displays the Foxish RSS icon

foxish rss icon bookmark bar

Surf the web as you normally do and look for the Foxish icon to show up in your browser address bar

When you see the icon, click on it and a new tab opens to display the feed

foxish rss tipsnext

Next, click on subscribe and you can see a new bookmark folder added to your bar. Click on the name of the site you want to have a track on from your Bookmark bar. You can see a drop down menu similar to those like any other folder. The links present in the folder are most current links from that site’s RSS feed.

You can receive all the latest news updated on your favorite sites. For instance, if you are a job seeker then you can add RSS feeds to the job sites and receive updates on the new job openings.

Even though you have Google reader, RSS feeds are equally useful so that you don’t miss any important news or latest updates.

If you are a Chrome user, then try installing the Foxish RSS extension to your browser and enjoy all the latest news on your favorite sites.


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