How to reveal Hidden Auto fill Password on Chrome?

Many of us use the auto fill feature of chrome to remember our password for logging into any account, so that it makes our login easier and we don’t have to remember all passwords. Moreover, if you are a single user for your system, then this feature is certainly useful and there will be no risk of allowing auto fill feature. But, what if you format your system and don’t remember the password then you might lose the access to your accounts. Here is the tutorial how you can view all hidden passwords in Chrome.

find Hidden Auto fill Password Chrome

Chrome’s auto fill feature remembers you when you insert your login ID or name. This allows you to log any website easily with just a click. When you we enter the user ID the auto fill option appears and fills the space for password with asterisks for security reasons so that no one can see it.

To get back your hidden password from chrome,follow the steps described below.

Steps to view Hidden Password on Chrome

Enter password using the auto fill feature but don’t log in your account. Rather highlight the password after filling the information.

Next, right click on it and then selected Inspect Element option from the menu.

inspect elementYou get a pop-up window with some field highlighted and that is the password coding in HTML format.

chrome code

Now right click on Password option in the highlighted field to edit that area. Replace your password, with show and hit enter. This will present you your password in place of asterisks sign.

This trick is an amazing way to get your password from chrome. Now, if you ever forget your password or want to know your password for login from the chrome, follow the simple steps described above.

Now, you no longer have to cry over losing or forgetting your password, as you can retrieve them from chrome. Follow the tutorial here to achieve this.


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