Hide/Disable your Most Popular Visited Sites on IE9 New Tab

Nowadays, with the developments in the Operating system, the developers have also changed the appearance of the web browsers. You might have noticed that when you open a new tab on your Internet Explorer 9 a tile based page appears displaying all your recent or most visited Webpage’s there or say New Tab’s Popular Sites feature. You can directly launch the webpage’s by single click on it. Although it seems to be use4ful, but it can risk your privacy, as anyone using the computer will easily find out the websites visited by you. Here is the tutorial how you can hide and remove your most popular sites in IE9 New Tab.

remove Most Popular Visited sites IE9 New Tab

The tiles on the new tab can directly take you to the page, it is very convenient but as far as privacy is concerned, you just can’t leave the tiles opened there, if you have multiple users for your computer.
There is no need to worry about the privacy, as you can now possibly disable the IE9 New Tab’s Popular Sites feature. When the feature is disabled or turned off, IE will no longer display your most popular sites or say it removes and hides it when a new tab is opened rather it would replaced with either a blank page or your home page.

ie your most popular sites

Hide/Disable IE New Tab’s Popular Sites feature

Follow the steps below to disable IE New Tab’s Popular Sites feature.

  • Open IE browser and go to Tools or hit the on Gear icon and select Internet Options
  • Next, move to the General tab
  • Under Tabs section, click on Settings button

internet options ie9

  • You can find the option When a new tab is opened, select what you want to open in a new tab from the drop down menu that is either A blank page (new tab will open about:blank)
    Your first home page (similar to when launching IE browser, but opens only one home page that listed first

when a new tab page IE

  • Finally, click OK to save the change and close Internet Options dialog box.

Open a new tab page and you can see that the Most Popular Sites are removed or hidden or you see either a blank page or your home page, as per the settings made above.

Now, you no longer need to worry about the privacy. Follow the steps described above to remove all your most visited webpage’s from IE 9 new tab.


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