Get Rid of Empty Junk Temporary Internet Files when Browser is Closed

Most of you out there might not be aware of the fact that your browser creates some empty temporary files and folders while browsing Internet. Some files are useful while others are not, the junk files take up space unnecessarily and make your computer operate slow. Here is the tutorial how you can empty temporary Internet files folder when browser is closed.

Get Rid of Empty Junk Temporary Internet Files when Browser is ClosedGet Rid of Empty Junk Temporary Internet Files when Browser is Closed
Browser like that of Internet Explorer has features that can remove all the browser temporary files at once. You don’t need any third party tool to execute this feature. Simply enabling the feature will do the entire task.
You can get rid of the useless and empty junk files easily within few seconds without using software or any third party tool.

Many websites use cookie to track all their visitors’ activities on the particular web page. Your system browser also keeps some temporary files from there. Such files are responsible for making your computer slow down. So it is necessary to get rid of those empty junk temporary files and folder manually or automatically. However, automatic methods are easier and time saving process especially for those who are busy or doesn’t have enough knowledge to deal with them.

Here is how you can delete the empty temporary files folder even though the browser is closed without using any third party software. Many users are unaware that all your browser settings also can be accessed from Windows Group Policy Editor.

Empty Temporary Internet Files, folder when Browser is closed

From Browser Settings

  • Launch the browser and hit the gear button > Internet options > Advance Tab to open the Advance Settings
  • Click on the Security menu and check the box Empty Temporary internet Files folder when browser is closed

internet option

  • Finally, save the changes and you are done with process.

From Windows Local Group policy Editor

  • Press Windows Key + R to launch the Run Dialog Box and type gpedit.msc and hit enter
  • You will have the group policy window in the screen. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Page > Advance page

local group policy editor

  • Next, double click on the option Empty Temporary internet files folder when browser in closed
  • Click to change the settings from Not Configured to Enabled.
  • Next, close the windows and you have enabled the feature that will remove the empty temporary internet files and folders.

Upon following the process discussed above you can delete all the junk and empty internet folders and files when the browser is closed and enhance the speed of your computer.


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