A Runtime Error has occured – How to fix the error?

Do you get runtime error messages like A Runtime Error has occurred while working with Microsoft Internet Explorer? Many users out there might have come across with this type of message. Generally, we try debugging in order to get rid of the error. The error is also followed by the line the error occurred in and with the type of error. Upon clicking upon yes another window opens that enables you to debug or solve the error.

fix runtime error internet explorer

The general way to fix the error is by disabling script debugging in Internet Explorer. You can fix the error by that way too. To achieve this follow the steps given below.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Internet Options in the window. For Internet Explorer 9 you can get that by clicking on the settings button and from the context menu select Internet Options
  • Click on advanced opens configuration options.
  • For debugging process Internet Explorer 9 offers two script related settings
  • Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
  • Disable script debugging (Other)

internet option runtime error

  • Check mark the two options by clicking them
  • Click Apply at the bottom of the window and click OK to close the window
  • Now, Change the security settings in Internet Explorer. To do so open the Internet Options window in IE and click the Security tab.
  • Click the Default level button in the middle of the window
  • Click Apply and then hit OK to close the window.

Make sure that the display a notification about every script error setting is not enabled to block script related error messages from being displayed in the web browser.

Alternatively, you can debug the runtime error by using software named Fix It developed by Microsoft. This tool can be used to disable script debugging in Internet Explorer. The essential benefit of using Fix It is that you don’t have to manually search for the errors and fix it. This tool can make the modifications with a few simply clicks.

Fix It is a very essential tool for those who are not computer geeks or don’t want to waste time in manually searching for the errors and then fix them by going into the Internet Explorer configuration settings. This tool has many other benefits like it can repair files that causes error or any other OS issues and almost fixes any kind of problems that may lead to errors on the computer.

Sometimes, the runtime error can occur due to the browser itself. Try uninstalling the Internet Explorer and re-install it to fix the runtime error.

Runtime errors are often caused by the virus or malicious activities on the computer. Update your Antivirus and scan the full system to get rid of the error.

Upon following the above procedures you can easily fix the runtime error and ensure smooth browsing on your computer.


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