Firefox Not Responding or freezes – How to fix it?

Firefox not responding – You must have come across this prompt. Today we will be discussing about how to fix this issue. On launching Firefox browser, after some time you find the browser not responding or freezes. Here is the tutorial how you can fix this issue.

fix firefox not responding

Firefox is popularly used browser. But problems like Firefox stops responding or locking down at startup can be really irritating when you need to search urgently and no other browser is installed on your system. Here are fixes that will help you get rid of this Firefox issue.

Steps to fix- Firefox Not Responding or freezes

Often it has been found that after upgrading to its latest version some of the Firefox settings from the earlier reside on the system creating several issues on the system. If you have recently upgraded the browser then open the Firefox files installed on the system drive and remove the old or earlier configuration settings.

Uninstall Firefox and reinstall after a system reboot.

Sometimes the browser Plugins can be the culprit is making the browser go unresponsive. So disable the plugins and restart your Firefox. To disable plugins, go to the menu bar and click on tools > Add-ons. You can see anew tab opening, here click on Plugins. This will display a list of plugins installed on the Firefox browser. Now, select the plug-in and hit the Disable button beside it to disable the plug-in.

disable plugins firefox

You can also try launching Firefox browser with the Add-ons disabled. To do so, select Help option on the menu bar and click on Restart with Add-ons disabled.

restart firefox addon disabled

Issues with binary can also make the system go unresponsive. In that case click this link to get this issue resolved. This fix was put forth by Lastpass. Hope the effective solution helps you get rid of the issue.

Upon following the steps described above you can fix Firefox issues like locking at startup or freezing or goes unresponsive.

The tutorial here is all about how to get rid of the unresponsive behavior of Firefox at start up or freezing of Firefox while working.


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