Enable Private Browsing on IE, Chrome & Firefox

Most of times it may so happen that you are not around your computer or was busy with somewhere keeping your computer on. There involves a lot of risk that may threaten your browsing privacy. Many user out there might be wondering how they can browser privately specially for the one who has number of users for the computer. Here is the tutorial how you can browse privately on your browser.

Enable Private Browsing on IE Chrome Firefox

You may not want anyone to know about your browsing history as it may risk your privacy. Sometimes you might have logged on some site and forgot to log out or have set the browser to remember your password, at that case there are possibilities of losing your valuable data and even lose access to the account. To prevent any such unauthorized access of your data and secure your browsing here is a great solution for most using browser.

Nowadays, almost all popular browsers provides special feature to keep the browsing safe and secure named Private Browsing.

In private browsing the browser doesn’t keep any track of your visit or say doesn’t remember anything or your activities on web. Not even the browsing history or downloads are tracked and downloads doesn’t appear on the download list.

Enable Private Browsing in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Follow the steps below to ensure safe browsing on your Browser.

For Internet Explorer

private browsing ie

To enable private browsing in Internet Explorer, press Ctrl+Shift+P, or Go to Tools then select InPrivate Browsing. This will open a new Window in the IE browser, here you can browse safely and none of your activities are tracked.

enable private browsing ie

For Google Chrome

enable private browsing chrome

To enable private browsing in Google Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N or click on wrench button at the right corner of the screen and then select New Incognito Window. In the new Window that appears you can start your browsing safely.

private browsing chrome

For Mozilla Firefox

private browsing firefox

If you are Firefox user, firstly close other window as this may close the present window and will start browsing in the private browsing mode.

private browsing mode

To enable private browsing in Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P or else go to Tools and select Start Private Browsing. Now you can browse safely without any risk of data insecurity or threat to your browsing privacy.

enable-private browsing firefox

If you don’t want any other person to know about your browsing history, then you must enable the private browsing mode on your browser and ensure a safe browsing with it.


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