Disable or Customize Alert Box Animation in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one among most popularly used Browser around the globe. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might have come across small alert box that appears in the bottom-right corner of screen upon the completion of download or when you receive a new email. You might have seen a smooth sliding animation accompanied with the alert box. This stays for a few seconds and disappears. It may appear cool but not in every situation i.e. it might cause weird problems in specific situations like when you are playing a game or watching a movie on the system. Here is the tutorial how you can disable or Customize Alert Box Animation in Mozilla Firefox.

Disable customize Alert Box Animation Mozilla Firefox

There are users who might not favor this animation, here is how you can disable the animation permanently or customize the animation according to your requirements. To do so, follow the steps below:

Mozilla Firefox Alert Window

  • First open Mozilla Firefox browser and in the address bar type about:config and hit Enter. If asked for any confirmation, approve them.

about config

  • Next, in the aboutconfig type alerts in the Filter box and you will find the following preferences:


You need to assign or change values for the above mentioned preferences to disable or customize alert box animation. Respective functions of the preferences are listed below.

alerts.totalOpenTime – This preference controls the time for which the alert box remains open.
alerts.slideIncrementTime – This allows you to set time which is taken by animation to perform a slide.
alerts.slideIncrement – This preference defines the number of pixels to slide per animation.
alerts.disableSlidingEffect – This preference allows you to disable / enable the animation.

You can see the value for the set preferences, by default are set as given below.
alerts.totalOpenTime is set to 4000 that means the alert box remains open for 4 seconds, alerts.slideIncrementTime is set to 10 in Firefox, alerts.slideIncrement is set to 1 and alerts.disableSlidingEffect is set to false.

Here we need to disable the animation, so you need to set alerts.disableSlidingEffect to true. To do so, double-click on it or right-click on it and select “Toggle”. By doing this its value is set to true.

If want to customize the animation rather disabling it, then you need to change values of the other 3 preferences according to your requirements.

You can set the values of the preferences to any positive integer as shown below.

alerts.totalOpenTime – 2000
alerts.slideIncrementTime – 5
alerts.slideIncrement – 2

Upon following the tutorial here you can disable or customize alert box animation in Mozilla Firefox.


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