How to Disable the Firefox Notification – Install Missing Plugins?

Does your computer prompts Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page upon trying to open a webpage? The message appears when the Adobe flash player has been disabled on your system. The Firefox interface keeps on popping the message again and again even you close the icon. The only way to get rid of the this alert is by disabling the warning message for all plugins on Firefox browser. Follow the tutorial to disable the install missing plugins message.

Disable Firefox alert Install Missing Plugins

Flash or java are essential in order to view a website completely, if by any means the flash player has been disabled, then it prompts the message Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page. You then attempt to install the plugin by following the initiated wizard from the Install Missing Plugins button. This may stop your system from prompting the message. But, think for a while why this plugins were not installed on your system. You can get rid of such missing plugins alerts as they cause a lot of nuisance and keeps on interfering in what you are doing.

Follow the steps to disable the Install Missing Plugins from your Firefox browser

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Type about:config into the Firefox address bar
  • Upon prompting by void your warranty page, Click on I’ll be careful, I promise to approve the warning

void your warranty

  • In the filter box, type missing_plugin
  • Under the preference list that appears, right-click plugins.hide_infobar_for_missing_plugin and Select Toggle or set the plugin.default_plugin_disabled to false to disable missing plugin alerts.

about config

The parameter plugin.scan.plid.all handles the scan of the plugin directories. Setting the value to false will stop the plugin scans.

Upon completion of the above steps described, the next time you visit a website with a no plugin installed, Firefox will no longer prompt you with the message Install missing plugin bar at the top of it, not even in the future. Although you don’t have a flash player installed on Firefox browser, this will fix the prompting messages upon viewing the flash-based advertisements and pop-outs.


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