Disable Autoplay Media in Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE

Websites often starts playing music out of nowhere. This can be rally embarrassing if the sites starts playing media when you are at work or in class. You might have come across this situation when your tabs start playing media or Ads when you open a tab in browser. This not only distracts you but also spoils the environment you are around and you just scramble in looking for how to pause the media as everyone around you starts staring you. Here is the tutorial how you can disable the autoplay media in the browser.

disable autoplay media browserWhen the music starts playing all of a sudden, there are many users out there who simply shutdown the browser to stop the media playing, but this is not a comfortable way. Here’s how you can disable the autoplay media feature in four major browsers.

In Firefox

There are extensions present in Firefox named Click To Play. This extension functions replaces Flash content with a static image. You need to click on it before the media starts loading.

To enable this feature, type about:config into your URL bar. Dismiss all the warnings and type plugins.click_to_play into the search bar, then right-click on it and select Toggle. Next, restart Firefox, where you can see the image above in place of videos.

about config


To avoid autoplay of media in Chrome, type chrome://chrome/settings/content into your address bar and find the Plug-ins section.

chromeNext, select Click to play. It also allows you to set permissions for specific plug-ins by clicking Manage exceptions.


For a Safari browser, you have to download a few extensions to disable autoplay. ClickToPlugin prevents all plug-ins from launching flash or auto play content without your permission and in some cases it replaces a lot of media players with HTML5. For Flash content, you will need ClickToFlash instead.

Internet Explorer

In IE the autoplay feature can be disabled by using ActiveX filtering. To activate it, go to the Tools menu and select Safety, next enable ActiveX Filtering. There by upon visiting a site with ActiveX content, you get a little blue icon in your address bar that indicates that autoplay is being blocked.

activexIf you want to resume the blocked media or play it, click back on the icon. You get a menu, where you can turn off the filter for that site.
Upon following the steps described here you can now disable the autoplay media and avoid any embarrassing situation.


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