Dig out Built-in Color Picker Tool & Ruler in IE 10

Many users out there who are fond of graphic designing or are artists or kind of web-designers use Color Picker tools to apply different colours to their piece of work. Ruler are in use to measure objects on the screen. There are various third party applications that can be readily used to identify colors. Now if you are awarded with free colour picker why use any additional software and waste disk space. Windows 8′s default browser is the new Internet Explorer 10 that includes an inbuilt Color Picker and a Ruler tool. Here is the tutorial how you can access the built-in Color Picker tool and ruler in IE10.

Built in Color Picker Tool Ruler IE 10

The new Windows 8 comes with more improved features so as Internet Explorer 10. It includes many new features among which Color Picker Tool & Ruler are one of the hidden features. To access the hidden feature in IE 10, launch IE 10 and press F12 key on keyboard leading to the opening of Developer Tools at the bottom browser. Next, click on the Tools menu item, the sub-menu list appears. Here you can see Show Color Picker and Show Ruler items.

Color Picker Tool in Internet Explorer 10 Browser

Upon clicking on Show Color Picker or Ctrl + K, the Color Picker Tool opens.

In the tool you can see the color sample, along with the color’s RGB and HEX values. To find value of a color used on a webpage, simply click the color of your preference using the mouse cursor. In case you want to pick a different color sample, click the eyedropper icon on the dialog box and repeat the process described earlier. Now, click Copy and close to copy the HEX value to the clipboard for using it in webpage. Next, hit the X button or Hide color picker to close the dialog box on the Tools menu.

Now whenever you are browsing and want to identify any color, simply use this in-built tool to identify the colors and select any color of your own.

Open Ruler in IE10

Click on Show Ruler option the Ruler Tool opens.

The Ruler is used for measuring objects on the screen. IE10 supports multiple colors and rulers. For better precision, hold down CTRL+M to toggle a magnifier on or off. The ruler shows X-Y coordinates of each end of the ruler relative to the points located on the screen. The length of the ruler can be seen in the center of the ruler in pixels. The in-built ruler can be moved, resized, or re-angled. When done with ruler to remove it, select it and press the Delete key. Once you are done close the dialog box by clicking on the X button at the upper-right corner. Once the dialog box is closed, the rulers are again hidden.

Now you no longer have to install any third party Color Picker Tool & Ruler as it comes as built-in feature in Internet Explorer 10.


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