Customize Mozilla Firefox New Tab’s Background

You might have noticed that when you open a new tab in your Firefox Browser, the blank tabs are all white without any background image or pattern. Mozilla Browser is one of the competing browsers with chrome and IE. However if you are thinking of customizing the Firefox void or blank backgrounds, then here is the tutorial how you can add background to the new tab in your Mozilla browser.

add background to firefox new tab

Firefox browser has a decent look. From Firefox 13 onwards, you can see all most visited sites tab when you open a new tab. If you like customizing your browser, then you can try adding background image to make Firefox stand out. Follow the steps below to add background images to your Mozilla browser.

Set Background image in Firefox blank/new tab

  • Before setting any background images, you need to install an add-on named Stylish. The installation process is simple, just go to stylish install page here and click Add To Firefox button

stylish add on firefox

  • Upon the installation of Stylish, next go to add-on manager and look for User Styles in the left sidebar and click it
  • Now, create a new style using Write New Style button and name it.
  • Next, paste the code below inside the box and save

/* Set a wallpaper for the about:newtab page*/
@-moz-document url(“about:newtab”) {
background: url(“file:///c:/firefox.jpg”) no-repeat !important ;
background-size: 100% !important;

  • Now select and copy the image you want to set as Firefox background to C drive and Rename it to firefox.jpg.


  • Replace “c:/firefox.jpg“ with path to your image or url to image on web.
  • At last, save the style and open new tab to preview the changes.

When you open a new tab in the Mozilla browser you can see the custom background image instead of blank tab.

Customize the Mozilla background by following the steps described above and get rid of the boring white background.


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