Configure your Browser to Read Websites easily at Night time (or in Dark)

Computer has been part and partial of one’s life. Nowadays, one can’t even imagine a life without computer. Starting with studies to entertainment we depend on computer and internet. But, using computer at night time or when you are seated in a dark room can strain your eyes and is quite harmful and uncomfortable to your eyes. Here is the tutorial how you can make your browser easier to read in the dark.

set browser to read websites at night easily

However, E-book applications usually have a “Night” mode that inverts all the colors, but what if you are on a browser. No need to worry any more, as nowadays, browser accompanies many new features and extensions that prove to be useful to many users to use computer at night time.

In Firefox Browser

If you are a Firefox user, you can use the extension named Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading. This extension enables you to look to your computer comfortably at night without much straining your eyes.

blank your monitor on firefox
It by default sets the backgrounds black, text becomes white and links become green. If you are not satisfied or comfortable with the colors, then it also provides add-on options from where you can configure the settings as your wish.

Add-on options

The add-on accompanied with this extension comes with an Easy Reading feature. The texts which are highlighted can be read on a clean distraction free page that is with dark background and white text. Blank Your Monitor allows you to read web pages in the dark comfortably.

blank your monitor preferences

In Chrome Browser

Most websites uses white background and black text color schemes. But, this scheme is very uncomfortable to read, especially in dark settings such as night time.

If you are chrome browser, the Chrome extension, High Contrast, changes or inverts the colors of website so that users can easily read anything on the web in the dark. As mentioned earlier, most websites already uses a color scheme of a black background and white text.

high contrast page in web chrome

By default, the Chrome extension inverts all colors for every websites. The extension not only inverts text and CSS-based colors, but also inverts images as well that may or may not be useful. It does not invert when only image is viewed. You can also configure the view for the websites that is you can set them either in higher contrast, grayscale, or inverted grayscale.

high contrast settings chrome

You can also configure the extension on a per-site basis with the Several per-site options available in the extension. An on-off toggle shortcut key for the current site is available through Shift+F11.

Firefox extension Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading, unlike the Chrome extension, does not invert colors, but instead just changes colors based on a preset selection.

So, if you feel uncomfortable using Internet or reading text on web at night time then the extensions and add-ons described above. You can now easily read any text from the Internet without straining your eyes.


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