Cannot Uninstall Internet Explorer on Windows 7 – How to Resolve it?

Are you unable to uninstall Internet Explorer? Here is how you can get it resolved. Internet Explorer is a free web browser from Microsoft, which was released in 1995 and is one of the most popular browsers today. But, for certain reasons you need to uninstall it. To do so you need to turn off Internet Explorer in Windows Features. The steps to turn on or off Internet Explorer are described in this tutorial.

cannot uninstall ie windows 7

The new Windows 7 Operating system comes with some programs and features that must be turned on before you can use them. Certain other features are turned on by default.

  • Click on start and open the Start Menu, type Windows Features in the search box, and press Enter.
    Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click on the Programs and Features icon. On clicking the icon, click on the Turn Windows features on or off link on the left pane.
  • If prompted by User Account Control (UAC), click on Yes to approve.
  • If open, you can close the Programs and Features window now.
  • To Turn On a Windows Feature – Check the selected feature. Some Windows features are grouped together in folders, and some folders contain subfolders with additional features. If a check box is partially checked or is dimmed, then some of the items inside the folder are turned on and some are turned off. To expand and view the contents of a folder, double-click it. Hovering the mouse pointer over a folder will give you a pop-up description of the feature.
  • To Turn Off a Windows Feature – Uncheck the selected feature.
  • Click on OK to set your settings. These are the default settings in Windows Features.
  • After turning on or off a feature, restart the computer to make effect the change.

turn windows features on or off

You can also Enable and Disable Windows 7 features which will allow you to enable or disable all users on the computer from being able to access and Turn Windows features on or off in Windows 7.

Method 1

Enable or Disable Windows 7 features by Using a REG File Download

  • To Enable Windows Features, Click on this link – Enable_Windows_Features and save the file to the desktop.
  • To Disable Windows Features, Click on this link – Disable_Windows_Features and save the file to the desktop.
  • After saving the zip file, open the .zip file and extract the .reg file to the desktop.
  • Right click on the .reg file and click on Merge.
  • Click on Run then Yes, Yes, and OK when prompted.

Upon completion of the process, you can delete the downloaded .reg and .zip files if you like.

Method 2

Enable or Disable Windows 7 features through the Local Group Policy Editor

  • Open the all users, specific users or groups, or all users except administrators Local Group Policy Editor to apply the policy.

Group Policy windows7

  • In the left pane, click on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, and Programs.
  • In the right pane, right click on Hide “Windows Features” and click on Edit.
  • To Enable Windows Features, Select (dot) either Not Configured or Disabled and click OK.
  • To Disable Windows Features, Select (dot) Enabled and click OK.

Upon completion close the Local Group Policy Editor window.

Once you enable the windows feature, you are free to access any files and folders on the Operating system. It grants you the permission to install and uninstall any program on the system.


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