Blocking of Third Party Browser Cookies in Firefox

Do you want to block third party cookies on your browser? Here is the tutorial how you can do so. Browser cookies are generally meant to store data regarding website on your PC. Cookies are somehow useful, safe and accepted. But, there are some third party cookies trolling over internet that can lead to serious impacts and threaten your system privacy. The third party cookies can gain access of your computer and be the gateway to the hackers and misuse your valuable data stored on your computer. Follow the tutorial to block the third party cookies in Firefox browser.

block third party cookies browser

Cookies are useful if they are first party like the session cookies that allows you to log into a site once and continue to navigate throughout the web site while maintaining proper authorization. There many ways of tracking a remote computer apart from fake and malicious advertisements and web pages in order to make money by unfair means. Third party cookies are one of them. These cookies can threat and risk your computer privacy. Third party cookies disguise themselves asĀ  a nice profile based on the information they collect as you traverse from site to site. These cookies runs off screen and threats the system security.

The best preventive way is to block the third party browser and protect the system from threat. We can control over who can send us cookies. New browser provides the decent way to control the cookies. You can set the control what, when, and where a web site can initiate a cookie request and instruct the browser to issue a prompt on each attempt. Upon doing this for weeks you can assemble a white-list of allowed sites and configure the browser to ignore subsequent requests.

Block Third Party Cookies in Browser

For Firefox

  • Open the Firefox browser
  • Navigate to Tools in the menu bar and select options

block third party cookies options

  • Under options access the Privacy tab
  • Navigate to the History section and change the drop-down to Use custom settings for history.

block third party cookies

Under this you will see some options relating to browser history and also cookie handling. Check the first party cookies that you want to accept from sites but un-check accept third-party cookies. You can manually assemble a white-list on a site by site basis although its tedious, but there is a better option that is to adjust the keep until drop-down by choosing ask me every time. By doing so every cookie will prompt you for what action need to be taken. You can also set the white-list for a site automatically. You will have to return back to this option and select not accept any cookie.

For Internet Explorer

Open the browser. Select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. Under the Advanced button click override automatic cookie handling, then block third-party cookies, while prompting for first-party cookies.

The third party cookies create fake advertisement and earn profits by cheating people. Upon following the above steps you can block the third party cookies in your browser and ensure a safe browsing on internet.


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