Automatic Redirection to Google Country Specific Page

You might have observed that while you try to browse for ceratin content in Google, the search is limited or say closer to the location from where you are browing. You can say that Google redirects to its country specific website by leaving a cookie in your web browser. Here is the tutorial how you can Prevent Google from Redirecting to its Country-specific page.

google automatic redirection

Google adopts the local domain system as a result of which the search results are specific and closer to the location from where you are browse. If you have notoiced that when you type and enter in the address bar of the browser you are redirected to the Google domain of your country automatically. For instance, if you are browsing from India you can see that you are redirected to

There is nothing wrong in searching the Google with country domain, but the search becomes specific. Many users get annoyed at times due to this behaviour of Google. There may be something important for which you need to perform a search on instead of the country domain.

In order to prevent the automatic redirection of Google, follow the tutorial to force open
When you need to search in simply type URL and hit enter instead of

NCR stands for No Country Redirection. The name clearly indicates that it would stop Google to redirect to its country specific website by leaving a cookie in your web browser. You need to enter the URL only once. From now onwards when you try to search any thing you will be directed from

If you want to get back to the country specific Google website, then simply delete the cookies from the web browser.
You can also try visiting the Google homepage. If you notice the country specific Google webpage, scroll down the page and look at the bottom links. You can see at the extreme right hand side


Click on the link and it will serve the same task as that of Google NCR URL. You can now see that your page has changed to and the link for the country specific Google will appear at the bottom of the page. You can revert back to the country specific Google, simply click on the link at the bottom.

Thus upon following the tips described above you can prevent Google from Redirecting You to Its Country-specific page.


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